The Heart of the Circle

The Heart of the Circle

( Hebrew - - )

novel by Keren Landsman

translated by Daniella Zamir

Angry Robot - trade paperback ( US ) / paperback ( UK ) - 2019
ISBN: 0857668110 / 9780857668110

Angry Robot - e-book - 2019
eISBN: 0857668129 / 9780857668127

Throughout human history there have always been sorcerers, once idolised and now exploited for their powers. In Israel, the Sons of Simeon, a group of religious extremists, persecute sorcerers while the government turns a blind eye. After a march for equal rights ends in brutal murder, empath, moodifier and reluctant waiter Reed becomes the next target. While his sorcerous and normie friends seek out his future killers, Reed complicates everything by falling hopelessly in love. As the battle for survival grows ever more personal, can Reed protect himself and his friends as the Sons of Simeon close in around them?


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