The Incredible Adventure

The Incredible Adventure and Other Interstellar Excursions

( French title - L'incroyable aventure de P. de Lembergen - n/a )


translated by Brian Stableford

Published: Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2019 ( French Science Fiction )
ISBN: 1612278590 / 9781612278599

The Incredible Adventure - novella by Louis Forest ( aka L'incroyable aventure de P. de Lembergen 1902 )
The Triumph of Humankind - novel by François Léonard ( aka Le triomphe de l'Homme 1911 )
Wireless Communication with the Stars - novella by Paul Gsell ( aka T.S.F. avec les étoiles 1930 )

The Incredible Adventure - is about the inventor of a material vehicle capable of carrying passengers anywhere in the universe, and devotes considerable attention to hypothetical physical and psychological effects of the experience of approaching and transcending the velocity of light.
The Triumph of Humankind - sees the Earth moved out of its orbit and become an interstellar vehicle itself, eventually reaching the star Vega. It describes the adventure of our planet in its interstellar journey and the future of humankind as a result of that displacement.
Wireless Communication with the Stars - features the development of a system of interstellar television. This provides its protagonist with a means of investigating life on twelve different planets scattered throughout the galaxy, in search of a possible key to human happiness.


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