The Next Continent

The Next Continent

( Japanese - Dai roku tairiku - 2003 )

novel by Issui Ogawa

translated by Jim Hubbert

Published: Haikasoru / Viz Media - trade paperback - 2010
ISBN: 142153441X / 9781421534411

Haikasoru / Viz Media ( Barnes & Noble ) - Nook - 2010
ISBN: 9781421539553

Haikasoru / Viz Media ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2010

The year is 2025 and Gotoba Engineering & Construction - a firm that has built structures to survive the Antarctic and the Sahara - has received its most daunting challenge yet. Sennosuke Toenji, the chairman of one of the world's largest leisure conglomerates, wants a moon base fit for civilian use, and he wants his granddaughter Tae to be his eyes and ears on the harsh lunar surface. Tae and Gotoba engineer Aomine head to the moon where adventure, trouble, and perhaps romance await.

Seiun Award for Best Novel 2004
nominated for long form Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards 2010

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