The Return of Vaman

The Return of Vaman

( Marathi - Vaman parat na ala - 1989 )

novel by Jayant Narlikar

Published: Ravi Dayal Publisher - hardback - 1989
ISBN: 0863110002 / 9780863110009

The book is a mix of science, astrology, and gives a telling look at bureaucracy, international espionage and smuggling. The result is something of a thriller with a science-fiction base. Narlikar uses his knowledge of Hindu mythology to give his novel an Indian flavour for truly intelligent insights.

A combination of science and fiction, this striking novel begins with a bang, with a `trunk' being found in the belly of the earth, some hundred metres below by the Archaeological Department at Gowribidanur of Karnataka. Based on carbon dating method, the trunk will be decided as belonging to a civilisation existing 20,000 years ago. With the help of the contents found inside, a computer named Brihaspathi and a robot by name Vaman come into existence.

The possibility of robots surpassing humans in planning and implementing ideas to the finest and last detail will be proved by this all-powerful robot, Vaman, when he is juxtaposed against humans.

Though the title gives away the ending, the narration is so tactful that the suspense is maintained right through. The modus operandi of the smuggling world is interwoven very deftly into the story.


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