Almanac of Bulgarian Speculative Fiction

ФантАstika: Almanac of Bulgarian Speculative Fiction

( Bulgarian - n/a )


translated by various

edited by Kalin M. Nenov and Atanas P. Slavov,

Published: The Human Library ( Човешката библиотека ) - hardback - 2022
url: https://choveshkata.net/blog/?page_id=8359

Terra Fantasia Association of Bulgarian SF & F Writers and Artists
Human Library Foundation
ФантАstika Almanac: origins and visions
Introductory notes
Alternative reading orders
Science Fiction:-
Love in the Time of Con Crud - short story by Elena Pavlova ( aka Да ни намеря и да ни спася 2018 ) ( translated by author & Kalin M. Nenovi? )
How I Saved the World, Or, The Best Job - short story by Valentin D. Ivanov ( aka Kak spasikh sveta, ili naĭ-khubavata profesiya ( Как спасих света, или най-хубавата професия ) 2007 ) ( translated by author & Nenon Kalin )
Beating the Air - short story by Velko Miloev ( aka Vyatŭr rabotaВятър работа 1988 ) ( translated by B.Basmadzhiev? )
The Celestial Way - excerpts by Drake Vato ( Дрейк Вато )
Deflation - short story by Valentin D. Ivanov
Virgil and the Water - short story by Svetoslav Nikolov ( aka Vergiliĭ i vodata ( илий и водата ) 1990 )
Mindster - story by Valentin D. Ivanov
The Empty Room - short story by Aleksandar Karapanchev ( 1978 )
The Most Terrible Beast - short story by Khristo Poshtakov ( translated by Kalin M. Nenov )
“Father” by Ivaylo G. Ivanov / 177
Fantasy & Magic Realism:-
To Wake a Dragon Girl by Nikolay Tellalov (excerpt) / 199
“The Assassination” by Johan Vladimir / 222
I, Sinner Ivan by Nikolay Svetlev (excerpt) / 262
“Three Tales of a Very Windy Town” by Lyubomir P. Nikolov / 268
The Coin by Lights amidst Shadows (excerpt) / 273
“Words Unspoken, Beasts Unnamed” by Krasimira Stoeva / 307
Mina, the Spells and the White Vial by Vesela Flamburari (excerpt) / 327
Orpheus Descends into Hell by Georgi Malinov (excerpt) / 333
“The Dragon and the Orange Juice” by Genoveva Detelinova / 356
Avant-garde Speculative Fiction:-
“Impossibly Blue” by Zdravka Evtimova / 374
“Asked the Soldier, ‘Who Called Me?’” by Yancho Cholakov / 378
“A Small Step” by Mari Paskalev / 391
“Journey to Akkad” by Val Todorov / 397
Dragonflies and Planets - short story by Aleksandar Karapanchev
“That Thing Gone with the Birds” by Val Todorov / 423
“The Film-thin Bound” by Kalin M. Nenov / 432
Chirpy Firewood by Maria Velcheva (excerpts) / 434
“Wrong” by Zdravka Evtimova / 459
“In the Beginning Was the Subway” by Lyubomir P. Nikolov / 465
Ivan Yefremov SF & Futurology Club
Chronicles of Ivan Yefremov SF Club
“The Keresztury TVirs” by Ivan Popov / 503

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