Beyond the Planet Earth

Beyond the Planet Earth ( also 'Outside the Earth' )

( Russian - Vne Zemli ( Вне Земли ) - 1920 )

novel by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

translated by Kenneth Syers

Published: Pergamon Press - hardback - 1960
ISBN: none

Athena Books - paperback - 2004
ISBN: 1414701640 / 9781414701646

included in:
The Path to the Stars
The Call of the Cosmos
The Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

An account of the building and launching of a Spaceship by an international group of scientists, who begin the construction of Space Habitats in high orbit, and who then begin to explore the solar system itself, with a view to its colonization. Proposes a geosynchronous orbiting space station, with an international crew, greenhouses, and solar power.


filmed as The Space Ship; The Space Voyage ( Kosmicheskiy Reys: Fantasticheskaya Novella1936 )

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