Blind Circle

Blind Circle

( French - Le Singe - 1925 )

novel by Maurice Renard & Albert Jean

translated by Florence Crew-Jones

Published: E.P. Dutton - hardback - 1928 ( USA )
ISBN: none

The White House- hardback - 1928 ( USA )
ISBN: none

Victor Gollancz - hardback - 1929 ( UK )
ISBN: none

The police investigate identical corpses found scattered around the city of Paris. It turns out that a scientist has discovered an electrolysis technique that he calls “radiogenesis”, which allows him to duplicate, but not animate, animal tissue. He has fabricated lifeless clones of himself and scattered them around Paris as a publicity stunt to attract investment capital to continue his scientific research. The scientist subsequently dies but his spirit manages to survive and inhabit the cloned body of his own brother, whose wife he lusts for.


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