( Italian - Baco - 2019 )

novel by Giacomo Sartori

translated by Fredericka Randall

Published: Restless Books - paperback - 2021
ISBN: 1632062747 / 9781632062741

Restless Books - e-book - 2021
BN ID: 2940162419808

A madcap story of family dysfunction, (dis)ability, intelligent robots, bees, and a family of misfit savants living outside the bounds.
In the singular world of the young, deaf narrator of Bug, there are just a handful of people who try to understand him when he gets into trouble at school. His father, a data analyst for Nutella whose real job is to pinpoint terrorists, is clueless about humans in real life. His brilliant brother, called IQ in public and Robin Hood in the hackersphere, has his back but is ever busier training his robot. His grandfather, a retired anarchist-guerilla-turned-nematologist, chides him for misbehaving when he takes him hunting for worms. Meanwhile, his Buddhist beekeeper mother, ordinarily his closest confidante, has been in a coma ever since a terrible car accident.
Just when the family's survival in their converted chicken coop seems most precarious, someone - or something - new enters his life: Bug. This self-declared "fast friend" seems to know all about his family and has some creative, if not strictly legal, ideas about how to help....


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