Dona Quixote and Gold of Ophir

Doña Quixote and other citizens / Gold of Ophir

( Finnish - Donna Quijote ja muita kaupunkilaisia - 1983 / Oofirin kultaa - 1987 )

collection & short novel by Leena Krohn

translated by Hildi Hawkins

Published: Carcanet Press - hardback - 1995
1857541456 / 9781857541458

These are tales from cities in which life is lived under threat of great disaster. Dona Quixote's reality, that of a modern city, is built up out of a series of portraits centering on the mysterious main character, whose presence is like a flame, drawing the dispossessed of the city to her.
Gold of Ophir takes a more mythic approach to the city.


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