H W J N ( http://yatakhayaloon.com/EN/HWJN_English.html )

( Arabic - H W J N - 2013 ) ( ح ث ي ن )

novel by Ibraheem Abbas & Yasser Bahjatt

translated by Yasser Bahjatt

Published: Yatakhayaloon - trade paperback - 2013
ISBN: 9948205820 / 9789948205921

Createspace - trade paperback - 2013 ( POD? )
ISBN: 1482075938 / 9781482075939

Yatakhayaloon ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2014

As human populations expand Hawjan ( a young 90 year old djinn ) finds himself surrounded by humans. A housing complex has been built over the area of his village, forcing him, his mother and grandfather to live in one of the human-haunted villas. Hawjan's efforts to avoid interacting with the human family in residence fail and he finds himself madly in love with the human Sawsan, a medical student, gentle and brilliant, barely a quarter of his age. Hawjan is unable to let her know his feelings until he learns how to communicate with her through the Ouija board. He finds out about the brain cancer that she is hiding from everyone including her family. As Sawsan's suffering increases, and her health deteriorates, her father is easy prey for a sorcerer who tricks him into believing that Sawsan's illness is a result of the demons who haunt their new home. Thus begins a deadly battle between Hawjan, the real demons and the sorcerer who is extorting money from Sawsan's father. Hawjan enlists the help of Eyad ( Sawsan's colleague ) who agrees to Hawjan possessing him, both risking their lives to save Sawsan and her father.


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