Hoshi's Parables

Hoshi's Parables

short stories

English language version of a series of audiobooks by Shinichi Hoshi

translated by Marina Hoshi Whyte and Kim Hines

narrated by Patrick Harlan

series consists of:

The Whimsical Robot Collection
The Newly-Invented Pillow ( The inventor’s new device is every student’s dream. But the lesson learned may not be the one on the syllabus )
The Prototype ( Held hostage deep within his laboratory, an inventor refuses to hand over his promising prototype to his captor )
The Effect of the Medication ( The chemist’s new memory pills work wonders. Now, all he needs is a wealthy investor )
A Demon ( While ice fishing out on a lake, an unsuspecting fisherman is visited by a demon who grants him anything he desires )
The Disaster ( A man believes he has discovered the ultimate security plan for himself. Hoshi’s forecast of our modern day hyper-vigilance is telling )
Operation Mynah Bird ( A criminal mastermind plots a massive diamond heist with the aid of his mynah birds )
The Whimsical Robot ( Mr. N purchases a new robot. Two days later, it stops working. Is it broken already? )
The Doctor and His Robot ( Accompanied by his trusty robot, a philanthropic space traveler provides aid to societies less civilized than his own )
Plant of Convenience ( The neighbor loves the new hybrid plant that the doctor has created. It's the perfect solution to the problem of pesty bugs in our lives )
The Nighttime Incident ( A robot welcomes visitors to the amusement park day after day. But some are not amused )
Hello Everyone On Planet Earth! ( An enthusiastic young man promises to make life better for everyone. Why isn’t anyone taking him up on his offer? )
The Sound of the Trumpet ( While on safari, Dr. F claims to have kept himself safe with the use of a very special trumpet )
The Gift ( Beings from another world leave people on Earth a gift, which then sits, unopened, for many years thereafter )
A Message From A Dream ( Two friends get away from the city to walk a countryside path. Along the way, they discover that the path has historic significance )
The Failure ( After months of tinkering, the man’s invention is finally finished. He’s created a unique device that is more effective than even he imagined possible )
The Eye Drops ( The chemist’s new eye drops allow him to see things most can’t. With them, he could provide a valuable service to his community )
Squion ( Hybridization seems like such a good idea. Blending the traits of two carefully chosen species results in a superior new one results. Right? )
The Hat ( A magician practices his only good trick at home while someone watches through his windows )
The Golden Seaweed ( Who would have thought it possible – cultivating seaweed comprised of pure gold? What business investor wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? )
The Instructions He Stole ( The thief has been spying on the successful doctor for a while now. By stealing the instructions for the doctor’s newest pharmaceutical, the thief plans to get rich himself )
Medicated Dreams ( The doctor says his new pills can induce images in one's dream. His neighbor is eager to try them for himself )

A Secretary on Your Shoulder Collection
A Secretary on Your Shoulder ( With a robotic parakeet on your shoulder, formalities are a breeze! This secretary allows you to speak your mind without sticking your foot in your mouth )
The Department of Sustainable Living ( Agents at the Department of Sustainable Living provide an invaluable service to their community. But follow them on a typical work day and discover why it’s not the most popular department in the government )
A Welcome Offensive ( When the crew of a spaceship land on an unknown planet, alien creatures are waiting. The short, two-footed beings appear harmless enough )
The Night We Lost Our Friend ( A boy and his grandmother mourn the loss of a dear friend. This is a heartbreaking story of the swelling gap between humans and the natural world )
On A Dim Planet ( Rusting away on a distant planet, two robots trade memories of their humans back home on Earth )

A Well-Kept Life Collection
A Well-Kept Life ( Even the most mundane morning routine is mechanized in Mr. Tale’s world. Machines do everything for him, from start to finish )
An Incident in the Future ( A man has endured a terrible accident. Doctors are doing everything they can. Is his will strong enough to endure this? )
Free Phone ( In a humorously prescient story, Hoshi predicts product-placement marketing in even the most ordinary human transaction )
Men in Space ( Space travel is commonplace at this point in time; camaraderie onboard the ships is the norm. Piloted by a good-natured young aviator, a retired space worker makes his way back to Earth )
Research ( A man believes that his research will improve the lives of many. In the process, he must choose between his obsession and his wife )

The Ultimate Luxury Collection
The Ultimate Luxury ( A man embarks on a trip to visit his wealthy friend’s new estate. The man is curious: what extravagant acquisition has his friend purchased this time )
Hit Woman ( A businessman is approached by a woman who claims to be a professional assassin… and she's ready to take orders )
An All-Purpose Spy Gadget ( Assigned to steal weapons information from another country, the secret agent gets a new toy – one with a multitude of hidden features )
A Mysterious Young Man ( An earnest young man shows up in an inner-city neighborhood and proceeds to accomplish what the city government failed to do )
A Tale of a Night ( In this untraditional Christmas story, the spirit of gift-giving works in mysterious ways )

The Last Earthling Collection
The Last Earthling
Miss Bokko
Thief Inc.
The Magic Mallet
The Age of Advertising

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