Jean Ray

Raymundus Joannes De Kremer - Belgian author - 1887-1964

English titleFrench titletranslatorpublishedformatpublisherISBN / eISBN / ASIN
The Shadowy Street ( novelette in Ghouls in My Grave, Foundations of Fear, Shadows of Fear, Don't Open This Book! then The Weird )La ruelle ténébreuseBlair, Lowell( 1932 ) 1965p/bBerkley Medallionnone
The Mainz Psalter ( ( novelette in Ghouls in My Grave, The Penguin Book of Witches & Warlocks then The Weird )Le psautier de MayenceBlair, Lowell( 1931 ) 1965p/bBerkley Medallionnone

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