Mina, magic and the white beaker

Mina, magic and the white beaker ( book I in Tales from the Upper Land )

( Bulgarian - Mina, magiite i byalata stŭklenitsa ( Мина, магиите и бялата стъкленица ) - 2005 )

( children's ) novel by Vesela Flamburari

translated by ?

Published: OnTime Books - paperback - 2021
ISBN: 9798690470333

OnTime Books - e-book ( Kindle ) - 2020

It all begins with three children ( Mina, Yanil and Kitan ) at our Christmas time, on our Lower Earth. After that the story goes to the second world, the Upper Land. There it is the Middle Ages and magic, swords and wizards rule. But… there is also a third world, the world of the fairy tales of the Upper Land. A wintry, beautiful and mysterious Palace on the Black Sea ( Balchik ( Dionysopolis ), Bulgaria ) is the link between the Lower and Upper Earth. There are gods and galaxies. There are Guardians - the Wood Nymph, the Mermaid, Inch High Long Beard, and The Dragon.


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