Minor Angels

Minor Angels

( French - Des anges mineurs - 1999 )

novel by Antoine Volodine

translated by Jordan Stump

Published: University of Nebraska - hardback - 1999
ISBN: 0803246722 / 9780803246720

University of Nebraska - trade paperback - 2008
ISBN: 0803220898 / 9780803220898

This novel depicts a postcataclysmic world in which the forces of capitalism have begun to reestablish themselves. Sharply opposed to such a trend are a group of ( apparently immortal ) crones confined to a nursing home. They create an avenging grandson fashioned of lint and rags. He, though conjured to crush the rebirth of capitalism. is instead seduced by its charms. When he falls back into the hands of his creators he manages to forestall his punishment by reciting one “narract” a day. It is these narracts, or prose poems, that compose the text.


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