Nest of Worlds

Nest of Worlds

( Polish - Gniazdo światów - 2000 )

novel by Marek S. Huberath

translated by Michael Kandel

Published: Restless Books - e-book - 2014
ISBN: 0989983277 / 978989983273

Restless Books ( Barnes & Noble ) - Nook - 2014
BN ID: 2940148222729

Restless Books ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2014

A metafictional adventure through a dystopian world. Every 35 years, residents of this world must move to a new “Land” - each a rigid caste society based on hair colour - and each person bears a Significant Name that foretells the manner of their deaths. New arrivals Gavein Throzz and Ra Mahleiné make sacrifices to stay together, defying authorities who try to separate Gavein, a robust “black,” from Ra Mahleiné, a lowly “white” destined to suffer in Davabel’s harsh climate.
Soon, Gavein finds himself at the center of an epidemic of deaths - though he himself remains suspiciously unharmed - and discovers a book titled Nest of Worlds, populated by characters busy reading their own versions of Nest of Worlds, whose fates may lie in the hands of the reader.


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