Of Wind and Sand

Of Wind and Sand

( French - Terre des autres - 2004 )

novel by Sylvie Berard

translated by Sheryl Curtis

Published: Edge SF & F Publishing - trade paperback - 2008
ISBN: 1894063198 / 9781894063197

Edge SF & F Publishing ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2012

An allegorical tale set in a world whose lizard-like authochthones are threatened by human invaders, who plan ultimately to Terraform the planet. Variously playing the roles of victim and victimizer, both humans and natives engage in behaviours illuminative of the "discourse" of colonialism, though with an abstractedness damaging to any sense that an actual planet has been imagined. By the end of a century of this, a meliorist mixed-race village, hidden from sight, offers some hope of a civilised outcome.


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