On the Moon

On the Moon

( Russian - Na Lune ( На Луне ) - 1893 )

novella by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

translated by V Dutt then Sibelan Forrester

Published: Athena Books - paperback - 2004
ISBN: 1414701624 / 9781414701622

Swarthmore College - on-line - ? ( translator not given )
address: http://www.swarthmore.edu/Humanities/sforres1/translations/Tsiolkovsky.html

included in the following anthologies:
The Call of the Cosmos
The Path to the Stars
The Science Fiction of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

On the Moon is a blending of pure fantasy ( lunar beasts carouse through the pages ), and sound scientific conjecture (the work abounds with sound information on actual lunar conditions as they are now known to exist ). This blending of a fantasy that covers the spectrum from wild to almost plausible, with scientific reasoning that covers the spectrum from almost plausible to impossible, was to become the trademark of the bulk of Tsiolkovsky’s writings.


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