( Japanese - パプリカ - 1993 )

novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui

translated by Andrew Driver

Published: Alma Books - trade paperback - 2009
ISBN:1846880777 / 9781846880773

Vintage Books - trade paperback - 2013
ISBN: 0307389189 / 9780307389183

Dream monitoring and intervention as a means of treating mental disorders is a developing new form of psychotherapy in the near future. Nobel Prize-winning psychiatry research establishment employee Atsuko Chiba is the most prominent scientist in this field, using her alter-ego Paprika to infiltrate the dreams of others and treat their illnesses. Her colleague, the brilliant but obese Kōsaku Tokita has created a super-miniaturized version of the Institute's existing dream-analysis devices calling it the DC Mini. Unrest ensues when the new psychotherapy device is stolen, allowing the assailant to enter the mind of anyone and enact mind control. The frantic search for the criminal and the DC Mini has begun.


other formats
2006 ( animation )

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