Pharaoh's Wife

Pharaoh's Wife, an Occult Novel

( French - La pharaonne - 1929 )

novel by Félicien Champsaur

translated by Brian Stableford

Published: Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2013 ( French Science Fiction 91 )
ISBN: 1612271561 / 9781612271569

Black Coat Press - e-book - 2012
see: http://www.blackcoatpress.com/pharaonne.htm

Black Coat Press ( Barnes & Noble ) - Nook - 2012
ISBN: 2940148570011

Black Coat Press ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2012

In New York, the Mage Ormus, claiming to be the reincarnation of Tutankhamun, has gathered around him a coterie of disciples chosen amongst the world's wealthiest elite in order to relive the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt. One of them, the Duchess of Rutland, may well be the reincarnation of Am-Phaoli, the Pharaoh's wife. Is it all star-crossed love over the chasm of centuries, or an elaborate scheme by two conniving conmen aiming to steal the Duchess' fortune?


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