Queen of K'n-Yan

Queen of K'n-Yan

( Japanese - Kon Hisashi no joō ( 崑央の女王 ) - 1993 )

novel by Ken Asamatsu

translated by Kathleen Taji

Published: Kurodahan Press - trade paperback - 2008
ISBN: 4902075237 / 9784902075236

Kurodahan Press - e-book - 2013
eISBN: 4902075660 / 9784902075663

The mummy of a beautiful young girl from Shang Dynasty China is found in an ornate and astonishingly large underground tomb. Preliminary research shows that her cells contain reptilian DNA, and a Japanese research lab is asked to investigate further.
Working under the stern Dr. Li, molecular biologist Morishita Anri begins to probe the mysteries locked in the mummy’s genetic code, while experiencing strange hallucinations of being a young girl imprisoned in one of the infamous experimental facilities established in China by Japanese Unit 731 for biological warfare.
As Dr. Li hints at prehuman intelligences and huge caverns under the earth, Anri begins to wonder why uniformed soldiers of the PRC Liberation Army are present in the research center in Tokyo. Hallucinations and reality fuse as innocents begin to die in both realities.


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