Return to a Strange World

Return to a Strange World ( Crest of the Stars 3 )

( Japanese - Ikyō e no Kikan ( 異郷への帰還 ) - 1996 )

novel by Hiroyuki Morioka

translated by Sue Shambaugh

Published: TokyoPop - trade paperback - 2007
ISBN: 1598165771 / 9781598165777

also titled 'The Return to Strange Skies'

translated by Giuseppe di Martino

J-Novel Club - e-book - 2019
eISBN: 1718342543 / 9781718342545

Barely escaping the United Mankind, Lafiel and Jinto crash-land on Planet Clasbul, which is already under enemy occupation. With no means to rejoin the Imperial fleet, they must find a way to survive until rescued. However, the Abh princess - who seems so indomitable in space - is nothing more than a clueless girl when confronted with life on a land world. Now the tables have turned, and Jinto must use his experience to protect her.



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