Science Fiction of Today 1985

SOVIET LITERATURE MONTHLY magazine, SCIENCE FICTION of Today, number 6 1985, Moscow

Stephen T. Miller 3 - From the Editors - anon. - editorial
A Curse and a Blessing - novella by Vitali Babenko
Temponauts - short story by Vladimir Zayats
On Friday at about Seven - short story by Ludmilla Kozinets
The Authoritative Voice - short story by Lyubov Lukina & Evgeni Lukin
The World’s Last War - short story by Vladimir Pokrovsky
A Difficult Case - short story by Boris Rudenko
It Happened on the Isle of Man - short story by Anatoli Melnikov
The Auction - short story by Ruslan Sagabalyan
Wayside Station - short story by Valentina Solovyova
Black Silence - story by Yuri Glazkov
Replicas - story by Nikolai Blokhin
Flashback from the Future - short story by Alexander Khlebnikov ( Alexandr Xlebnikov )
Konstantin Feoktistov: Towards the Stars - Valeri Rodikov - interview
Conversations in Maleyevka - Vladimir Gakov - article
Science Fiction Against Nuclear Madness - Yeremei Parnov ( Yeremey Parnov ) - article
The Spade - poem by Vyacheslav Kupriyanov - parallel text
Our Authors - ( Misc. ) - background

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