Tesseracts 9

Tesseracts Nine: New Canadian Speculative Fiction


edited by Nalo Hopkinson & Geoff Ryman

Published: Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing - trade paperback - 2005
ISBN: 1894063260 / 9781894063265

Introduction: Canadian Identity? No, Thanks ( Tesseracts Nine: New Canadian Speculative Fiction ) - essay by Geoff Ryman
Excerpt from “Fugue Phantasmagorical”: Embarking - short fiction by Jason Mehmel and Anthony MacDonald
Lemmings in the Third Year - short story by Jerome Stueart
Principles of Animal Eugenetics - novelette by Yves Meynard
Mom and Mother Theresa - short story by Candas Jane Dorsey
Fin-de-siècle - short story by E. L. Chen
Excerpt from “Fugue Phantasmagorical”: Setting Sail - short fiction by Anthony MacDonald and Jason Mehmel
Carnaval Perpetuel - poem by Sandra Kasturi
Writing on the Wall - shortstory by Steve Stanton
See Kathryn Run - short story by Élisabeth Vonarburg ( aka La Course de Kathryn 2003 ) ( trans. by Howard Scott & author )
Newbie Wrangler short story by Timothy J. Anderson
Light Remembered - short story by Daniel Sernine ( aka Souvenirs de Lumière 1995 ) ( trans. by Sheryl Curtis )
The Singing - short story by Dan Rubin
Our Lady of the Snows - short story by Nancy Kilpatrick
Thought and Memory - short story by Alette J. Willis
Mermaid - short story by Rhea Rose
The Coin - short story by Casey June Wolf
Jimmy Away to Me - short story by Sarah Totton
Before the Altar on the Feast for All Souls - short story by Marg Gilks
Being Here - short story by Claude Lalumière
Mayfly - short story by Peter Watts and Derryl Murphy
Wings to Fly - shortstory by Sylvie Bérard ( aka Avoir des Ailes ) ( trans. by Sheryl Curtis )
Mirrors - short story by René Beaulieu ( aka Miroirs 1997 ) ( trans. by Sheryl Curtis )
Omphalos - short story by Pat Forde
Heaven and Earth - short story by Allan Weiss
Excerpt from “Fugue Phantasmagorical”: Epilogue: Disembarkings - short fiction by Anthony MacDonald and Jason Mehmel
Afterword: Final Thoughts ( Tesseracts Nine: New Canadian Speculative Fiction ) - essay by Nalo Hopkinson

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