The Alchemaster's Apprentice

The Alchemaster's Apprentice ( Zamonia )

( German - Der Schrecksenmeister - 2007 )

novel by Walter Moers

translated by John Brownjohn


Harvill Secker - hardback - 2009
ISBN: 1846552222 / 9781846552229

Overlook Press - e-book - 2010
eISBN: 1590205189 / 9781590205181

Overlook Press - trade paperback - 2010
ISBN: 1590204042 / 9781590204047

Vintage - trade paperback - 2010 ( UK )
ISBN: 0099526328 / 9780099526322

Blackstone Audio Books - MP3 CD - 2011 ( read by Bronson Pinchot )
ISBN: 1441757856 / 9781441757852

Blackstone Audio Books - CD - 2011
ISBN: 1441757848 / 9781441757845

Malaisea, the unhealthiest town in the whole of Zamonia, is home to Echo the Crat, a multi-talented creature resembling a cat in appearance but capable of speaking any language under the sun, human or animal. When his mistress dies, Echo finds himself out on the street. Dying of starvation, he is compelled to sign a contract with Ghoolion the Alchemaster, Malaisea's evil alchemist-in-chief.
This fateful document gives Ghoolion the right to kill Echo at the next full moon and render him down for his fat, with which he hopes to brew an alchemical concoction that will make him immortal. In return, he promises to regale the little Crat with the most exquisite gastronomic delicacies until his time is up. But Ghoolion has reckoned without Echo's talent for survival and his ability to make new friends. These include the Leathermice, the Cogitating Eggs, the Golden Squirrel, the Cooked Ghost, Theodore T. Theodore the one-eyed Tuwituwu, and, above all, Izanuela Anazazi, the last Uggly in Malaisea.


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