The Book of Shai

The Book of Shai

( French - Le Livre de Swa - 1982 )

novel by Daniel Walther

translated by C.J.Cherryh

Published: DAW Books - paperback - 1984
ISBN: 0879978996 / 9780879978990

Many years ago, the scientists of Earth developed an apocalyptic technology that destroyed all other technology, causing the people of Earth to regress into a fantasy world of knights, wizards and strange gods. Shai, a recently promoted apprentice of the mysterious and holy Order of the Serpent, has been having strange dreams of a Bear-faced man who wants to destroy the Order. The Bear-faced man is a member of a group that hates the Order’s harsh rule over the rest of humanity living “Outside” the walls of its palace. The rebels contact Shai to tell him the horrors of the Order. They encourage him to betray the Order and conduct them inside to destroy it. Shai is outraged at the truth of his existence, but his compliance with their plans will lead to the murder of his apprentice friends as well. Book of Shai tells of Shai’s struggle to save his friends while fighting the Order, and his flight from the life that he has always known.


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