The Capricious Robot

The Capricious Robot

( Japanese - Kimagure robptto - 1966 )

anthology by Shinichi Hoshi

Translated by Robert Matthew

Published: Kodansha International Ltd.- paperback - 1986
ISBN: 4770022123 / 9784770022127

Series: Kodansha English library no. 22

Originally published: Riro nsha - ? - 1966


The Pillow
The Products
The Drug
The Devil
The Disaster
The Myna Birds
The Capricious Robot
The Doctor and the Robot
The Convenient Flower
A Night Encounter
Hello Everybody on Earth
The Trumpet
The Memento
The Dream
The Eye Lotion
The Squirron
The Hat
The Golden Seaweed
The Stolen Document
Dream and Drugs
The Mysterious Robot
The Medicine
The Circus
Bird Song
Fire Precautions
The Speed-up
The Woodpeckers
Yukiko's Revenge
The Broadcast
The Cat
The Flowers and the Secret
The Negotiations
The Beast
The Dog in the Mirror
The Wail

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