The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy

The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy ( volume in the The Dedalus Book of " " Fantasy series )

( Greek - not as such )

edited by David Connolly

translated by David Connolly

Published: Dedalus - trade paperback - 2004
ISBN: 1873982844 / 9781873982846

Dedalus ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2004
ASIN: B0041840Z8

Journey to the Planet Jupiter - short story by Andreas Lascaratos
Blossom - short story by Emmanouil Roïdis
The Vampire's Son- short story by Achilleus Paraschos
Flower of the Shore
In the Light of Day
The Mermaid
The Phantom Never Seen Again
The Three Tests
A Very Odd Case
Pedro Cazas - short story by Fotis Kontoglou
Oedipus Rex
Westminster - short story by Yorgos Theotokas
The Daily Myth or The Headless Man - short story by Nano Valaoritis
A Day Like Any Other - short story by Tassos Leivaditis
The Rulers - short story by Alexandros Schinas
The Swans
The Last Alchemist - short story by Tassos Roussos
A Strange Incident
Period of Grace
The Conquerors
The Other Footpath
Nostalgic Clone
Dream Scholarship
Theocles - short story by Theodoros Grigoriadis
Mania from Heaven
It Was Already Past Midnight - short story by Aris Sfakianakis
Sleeping Beauty and the Forty Pirates
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