The Dragon's Eye

The Dragon's Eye

( French - La Taupe et le Dragon - 1991 ( revised - 1999 ) )

novel by Joel Champetier

translated by Jean-Louis Trudel

Published: Tor Books - hardback - 1999
ISBN: 0312868820 / 9780312868826

Tor Books - trade paperback - 2000
ISBN: 0312872526 / 9780312872526

Tor Books - e-book - 2000 ( ie. Nook )
eISBN: 9781466821255

Tor Books ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2000
ASIN: B00866H5FI

The novel is set a couple of hundred years in the future and takes place on a struggling colony on the planet of a double star not too far from Earth, founded and run by Chinese from a Hong Kong-like enclave. One of their suns is the blinding and carcinogenic Dragon's Eye, which requires them to cover up and wear hats when it is in the sky. The colony has a huge, burdensome debt to Earth, and there is a question of rebellion and rumor of a possible declaration of independence. So a courier is sent in, disguised as a native, to bring back a highly placed spy--or at least his brain, so information can be recovered and Earth's interests preserved.


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