The Erinys Incident

The Erinys Incident

( Japanese - ? - ? )

novel by Koshu Tani

translated by Simon Varma

Published: Kurodahan Press - trade paperback - 2018
ISBN: 4902075741 / 9784902075748

Kurodahan Press - e-book - 2018
eISBN: 4909473041 / 9784909473042

Erinys, tiny moon of Uranus, home to a tinier and almost forgotten colony. Left behind in the debris of the failed Outer Planet Revolt in 2099, Erinys is quietly decaying. For the hunted remnants of the Outer Planet Alliance (OPA), however, it offers a potential hiding place, and, possibly, a way to independence for the Outer Planets.
The Erinys Incident is a fascinating journey from deep in the gravity well of the sun, to lonely outposts far beyond the rings of Saturn.


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