The Green Mare

The Green Mare

( French - La jument verte - 1933 )

novel by Marcel Ayme

translator not given

Published: The Fortune Press - hardback - 1933
ISBN: none

The Bodley Head - hardback - 1955 ( translated by Norman Denny )
ISBN: none

Penguin Books - paperback - 1961
ISBN: none

An examination of the sexual mores and behaviors of the members of a small 19th century French village some time shortly following the Franco-Prussian War. The plot concerns a feud that has taken place for generations between the Hadouin and Maloret families, and a missing letter that contains revealing secrets relating to the conflict. The green mare of the title is in fact a magical painting of an unusually-colored horse owned by one of the Hadouins that has somehow been imbued with an observing consciousness by the artist who painted it.


film "La Jument verte'", 1959

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