The Human Microbes

The Human Microbes ( Future World 1 )

( French - Les microbes humains - 1886 )

novel by Louise Michel

translated by Brian Stableford

Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2012 ( French Science Fiction 83 )
ISBN: 1612271162 / 9781612271163

Black Coat Press - Nook - 2013
BN ID: 2940016008790

Black Coat Press - Kindle - 2013

( Once, Dr. Gael had removed a young woman from the hospital and taken her home to serve in his horrible experiments. He had attached her to the dissection-table; then, had put her to sleep and interrogated her while hypnotized during her vivisection. The unfortunate woman replied to her torturer, describing her suffering. Suddenly, she uttered a howl; shivers passed through her; she expired, giving birth to a girl... )
A man unjustly accused of a murder by an evil mastermind manages to escape the guillotine and embarks on a quest for revenge that will draw in its wake a cast of characters, including mad doctors, lost children, strange gypsies, Irish revolutionaries, Russian anarchists and Utopians.


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