The Queen's Adept

The Queen's Adept ( The Queen's Adept / Yáxtor Brandan no. 1 )

Spanish - El adepto de la Reina - 2009 )

novel by Rodolfo Martinez

translated by author

Published: Sportula Ediciones- trade paperback - 2012
ISBN: 849398857X / 9788493988579

Sportula Ediciones - e-book - 2015
eISBN: 849392038X / 9788493920388

The People's Covenant and God's Hammer have fought a Cold War that has lasted for over twenty years. A war without armies, where battles are fought in the dark and information is the most dangerous weapon.
In this world - which sometimes seems of the Middle Ages, sometimes the Renaissance and sometimes the Nineteenth Century - lives Yáxtor Brandan, empirical adept in the service of the Queen of Alboné. A relentless, amoral and unscrupulous character, Yáxtor fights to recover his own past as he tries to prevent a new player in the espionage game from ending the world as he knows it.


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