The Return of the Time Machine

The Return of the Time Machine

( German - Die Reise mit der Zeitmaschine - 1946 )

novel by Egon Friedell

translated by Eddy C. Bertin

Published: DAW Books - paperback - 1972
ISBN: none

DAW Books - paperback - 1982
ISBN: 0879977272 / 9780879977276

Starmont House - hardback AND trade paperback - 1987
ISBN: 1557420459 / 9781557420459

Sequel to The Time Machine. It tells of a return trip to the future, along with 3 books. The story mostly focuses on the trip and the interesting things he encounters. 'George' ( the Time Traveller is named ) gets thrown off his machine and ends up 3 days ahead of it. While trying on what he thought was his machine, he discovers another non-human being also traveling through time. George's first trip causes paradoxes as he tries to get back to the moment before Weena's death: something he may have caused. George is in love with Weena and he goes back - to start a life with her in the far distant future..


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