The Second Conquest

The Second Conquest

( German - Die Erde liegt hinter uns - 1954 )

novel by Louis de Wohl

translated by author

Published:J. B. Lippincott - hardback - 1954
ISBN: none

Science-fiction with a religious content. It takes Earth people to Mars, eventually averting, through spiritual concepts, a Martian invasion. Test pilot Chris Cary, who has a mystic feeling for the Catholic Church, is better able to absorb and understand the superiority of ""unfallen"" Martians and see the reality behind the myth than scientist Brandeis whose use of new fuel and a new design helicopter has taken them to their destination. But the new paradise has its serpent, Marmon, who is transported to Mars and whose perversion of fact and truth speed the Martians to conquer Earth, for his own satanic satisfaction. It is Chris' faith, love and integrity that turn the Martians back home when the showdown comes.


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