The World As It Shall Be

The World As It Shall Be ( Early Classics of Science Fiction )

( French - Le Monde tel qu'il sera - 1846 )

novel by Emile Souvestre

translated by Margaret Clarke

Published: Wesleyan University Press - hardback -2004
ISBN: 0819566152 / 9780819566157

It's the year 3000, and children are raised by steam machines, Switzerland has been converted into a theme park, and there are no fewer than 684 kinds of mental illness. With eccentric, dark humor, Emile Souvestre portrays a society dominated by mechanization and greed. However comically exaggerated, the unmistakable echoes of real problems and possibilities in Souvestre's satire make this book science fiction's earliest warning against the dangers of mechanization in a society ruled by consumerism.


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