Tilism-e-Hoshruba; The Enchantment of the Senses

( Urdu - Tilism e Hoshruba ( طلسمِ ہو شربا ) )
( 1880-93 )

( abridgement of the ) novel by Muhammad Husain Jah

translated by Shahnaz Aijazuddin

Published: Penguin - paperback - 2009
ISBN: 0143102729 / 9780143102724

Penguin - e-book - 2009
eISBN: 9788184758245

Epic narrative of the adventures of the legendary Persian hero Emir Hamza, - the protagonist of Hamza Nama - his sons and grandsons. It opens with the commander-in-chief of the Islamic army, Hamza, pursuing Laqa, who makes false claims to divinity. Laqa takes refuge in Kohistan, adjacent to the enchanted land of Hoshruba, ruled by the formidable King of Sahirs, Afrasiyab Jadoo. Afrasiyab reveres Laqa and deputes his sahirs or wizards to help him fight Hamza.
Hamza's grandson Asad then sets out to conquer Hoshruba, assisted by the clever trickster Amar, who possesses divine artefacts such as a cloak of invisibility and a magic pouch containing parallel worlds. Aided by powerful allies and beset at every step by magical snares, dangerous enchantments and seductive sorceresses, the Islamic army finally conquers Hoshruba.


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