( Spanish - Trafalgar - 1979 )

collection ( cycle ) by Angelica Gorodischer

translated by Amalia Gladhart

Published: Small Beer Press - trade paperback - 2013
ISBN: 1618730320 / 9781618730329

Small Beer Press - e-book - 2013
ISBN / ASIN: 9781618730336 / B00AYJ36RG

Penguin Classics Science Fiction - paperback - 2020
ISBN: 0241467969 / 9780241467961

Penguin Classics Science Fiction - e-book - 2020
eISBN: 0141994185 / 9780141994185
ASIN: B0863KJB36

Penguin Audio - audiobook - 2020
ISBN: 0141995084 / 9780141995083

By the Light of the Chaste Electronic Moon ( aka A la luz de la casta luna electrónica )
The Sense of the Circle ( aka Sensatez del ci­rculo )
Of Navigators ( aka De navegantes )
The Best Day of the Year ( aka El mejor dí­a del año )
The González Family's Fight for a Better World ( aka La lucha de la familia González por un mundo mejor )

- Interval with my Aunts
Trafalgar and Josefina ( aka Trafalgar y Josefina )
- End of the Interval

Mr. Chaos ( aka El señor Caos )
Constancia ( aka Constancia )
Strelitzias, Lagerstroemias, and Gypsophila ( aka Strelitzias, langestremias e hisophilas )
Trafalgar and I ( aka Trafalgar y yo )

Don't rush Trafalgar Medrano when he starts telling you about his latest intergalactic sales trip. He likes to stretch things out over precisely seven coffees. No one knows whether he actu-ally travels to the stars, but he tells the best tall tales in the city, so why doubt him? In each chapter Trafalgar and the narrator sit, either at the latters home or at one of the tables in the Burgundy - over black coffee, made either inexpertly by his friends or perfectly by the Burgundy's implacable waiter Marcos, as Trafalgar tells the story of some strange occurrence on one of his business trips.


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