Typescript of the Second Origin

Typescript of the Second Origin

( Catalan - Mecanoscript del Segon Origen - 1974 )

novel by Manuel de Pedrolo

translated by Sara Martín Alegre

Published: Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs - trade paperback - 2016
ISBN: 9788416452149

The story of two children from a little country village named Benaura in Catalonia, Spain> Alba, a fourteen-year-old girl, and Dídac, a black nine-year-old boy, become the two only remaining humans on Earth after they accidentally survive an alien holocaust that eradicates all mammal life on the planet. As Alba and Dídac bravely recover from the catastrophe, they not only insist on living in a post-apocalyptic world, inhabited by myriads of corpses and deranged, psychotic survivors, but they also take up the mission of preserving human culture and repopulating the Earth.


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