Vampire and Other Science Stories from Czech Lands

Vampire and Other Science Stories from Czech Lands


edited by Jaroslava Olsa

Published: Star Publications Pvt. Ltd. - paperback - 1994
ISBN: none

Where Robot Born : History of Czech Science Fiction - essay
About the Authors - introduction

Captain Nemo's Last Adventure - short story by Josef Nesvadba ( as by Joseph Nesvadba ) ( aka Posledni dobrodruzství kapitána Nemo 1964 )
2. Bebyore : The End of the Morning Shift/Jaroslav Veis
3. A Toothsome Smile, an Artificial Death/Eva Hauerova
4. The Cabbage Seller/Stanislav Svachouck
5. For the Benefit of the Galaxy/J. Polisensky
6. Love, the Story of a Galactic Pilot/Edword Mortin
7. The Kinkiest Guy in the History of Swank/Ondrej Neff
8. A Resettlement Agency/Karel Capek
The Invincible Human Spirit, or the Golden Ship - short story by Alexandr Kramer ( Nezlomnej lidskej duch aneb Zlaté lodě 1979 )


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