What Needs Defending

What Needs Defending ( Banner of the Stars 2 )

( Japanese - Mamoru Beki Mono ( 守るべきもの ) - 1998 )

novel by Hiroyuki Morioka

translated by Giuseppe di Martino

Published: J-Novel Club - e-book - 2020
eISBN: 1718342586/ 9781718342583

Lafier has been appointed the interim liege of a newly conquered star system, with Jint her adjunct. The planet, Rohbnahss, is by far the most troublesome of the Empire’s latest acquisitions - it is a giant prison on the verge of a planet-wide uprising! Can the duo form a working government there? What will become of them and their bond once the enemy’s offensive and her Abliar obligations force Lafier to abandon Jint on a powderkeg ready to blow?



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