Zig Zag

Zig Zag

( Spanish - Zig Zag - 2006 )

novel by Jose Carlos Somoza

translated by LIsa Dillman

Published: Rayo - hardback - 2007
ISBN: 0061193712 / 9780061193712

HarperCollins - paperback - 2008
ISBN: 0061193739 / 9780061193736

While studying advanced physics at a prestigious European university, Elisa Robledo was invited to join a select research team on a secret project to manipulate String Theory. It was the opportunity of a lifetime for the eager young scientist - the chance to actually view monumental events from the far distant past: dinosaurs roaming the Earth, life during the Stone Age, the crucifixion of Christ. But on a remote island in the Indian Ocean, the team's experiments went horribly awry . . . and something terrible was awakened.
Now, years later, Elisa's former colleagues are dying, one by one. The nightmare they created by meddling with Time is taking a shocking and gruesome toll. And only by uncovering the sinister truth behind the science can Elisa hope to survive the dark, devouring forces that mean to destroy her and the world she knows.

finalist John W. Campbell Jr. Award, 2008

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