Rakkox the Billionaire and the Great Race

Rakkox the Billionaire and the Great Race

( German - Rakkox der Billionär Ein Protzenroman / Die wilde Jagd - 1899 / 1900 )

novellas by Paul Scheerbart

illustrated by Félix Vallotton

translated by W. Bamberger

Published: Wakefield Press - paperback - 2015
ISBN: 1939663121 / 9781939663122

Rakkox the Billionaire
The tale of a multibillionaire who abandons his militaristic aspirations ( & such Quixotic fantasies dreamed up by his Department of Invention as the utilization of herring in submarine warfare) in favor of a plan to convert a cliff into a work of architectural art.
The Great Race
Describes an intergalactic competition among worm spirits who wish to separate from their stars and achieve true autonomy in a ferocious race of winged sleds, cannon-airships, sky-high wheel-shaped vehicles & 100-mile-tall stilt machines. The winners will be transformed into gods.


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