Seven Touches of Music

Seven Touches of Music

( Serbian - Sedam dodira muzike - 2001 )

mosaic novel by Zoran Zivkovic

translated by Alice Copple-Tošić

Published: Polaris Press - paperback - 2001
ISBN: none

serialised in Interzone August, September, October, November, December 2001, January, February 2002
David Pringle - magazine - 2001 /2003
ISBN: none

Aio Publishing Company - hardback - 2006
ISBN: 1933083042 / 9781933083049

included in Impossible Stories - 2006

The Whisper - short story
The Fire - short story
The Cat - short story
The Waiting Room - short story
The Puzzle - short story
The Violinist - short story
The Violin-Maker - short story

Seven stories about moments of divine revelation through music, which leave no mark beyond the ephemeral instant of their perception: a teacher whose autistic ward inexplicably writes down one of the fundamental values of theoretical physics; a librarian whose dream of the Great Library is reenacted upon her computer screen; a man who buys a music box that when played provides a glimpse into his alternative life; an elderly woman that, hearing a hand organ in a train station, begins to have visions of the death of everyone she encounters; a retired SETI scientist who, despite having no real interest in art, suddenly begins to paint a strange first contact signal; a dying professor who finally has a chance to hear in the form of music the answers to the ultimate questions; and a violin-maker’s apprentice who knows the truth behind his master’s mysterious suicide.


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