Steps Through the Mist

Steps Through the Mist

( Serbian - Koraci kroz maglu - 2003 )

mosaic novel by Zoran Zivkovic

translated by Alice Copple-Tošić

serialized in Interzone September, November / December 2002, January, February, March 2003
Published: David Pringle - magazine - 2002 / 2003
ISBN: none

Polaris Publishing - paperback - 2003
ISBN: none

included in Impossible Stories ( 2006 )

Aio Publishing Company - hardback - 2007
ISBN: 1933083107 / 9781933083100

Disorder in the Head
Hole in the Wall
Geese in the Mist
Line on the Palm
Alarm Clock on the Night Table

Five women in various stages of life—all connected by a mysterious, obscuring mist—face the deterministic trap of fate in this mosaic novel. A freshman at a girl’s boarding school gains the strange ability to share other people’s dreams, whereas a young woman in a straitjacket desperately tries to select a very particular future from among countless possibilities. A middle-aged skier refuses to be a puppet on a string, while a mature fortune-teller experiences a faltering faith in her trade, and when an elderly woman’s precious alarm clock suddenly breaks, she suffers a vivid and troubling encounter with her past. An enticing mix of the ordinary with the surreal and the mundane with the sublime, these tales quietly twist trusted concepts.


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