The Misfortunes of John Bull

The Misfortunes of John Bull ( see also John Bull's Downfall )

( French - Les Malheurs de John Bull - 1884 )

collection by Camille Debans

translated by Brian Stableford

Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2015 ( French Science Fiction 149 )
ISBN: 1612274110 / 9781612274119

Black Coat Press - Nook - 2016
BN ID: 2940158127205

Black Coat Press - Kindle - 2016

Introduction - by Brian Stableford.
The Misfortunes of John Bull - novel ( aka Les Malheurs de John Bull 1884 )
The Paralytic ( aka Le Paralytique 1900 )
Anguish ( aka L'Angoisse 1901 )
Graour the Monster - novella ( aka Graour le monstre 1903 )
Afterword and Notes - by Brian Stableford

The Misfortunes of John Bull
A spurned lover seeking to avenge an insult by an English nobleman, becomes a billionaire and turns an improvised nation into a global empire, ultimately defeating and conquering England.
Graour the Monster
A hulkish dwarf created by the Dr. Moreau-like mad surgeon Dr Matthews returns to Romania seeking vengeance, but finds only doomed love and cpombat with one of Matthews' victims who has returned as a vampire.


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