The Emerald Boy

The Emerald Boy

( Dutch - De jongen van smaragd - 2006 )

novel by Tais Teng

translated by author

Published: Winscott Corporation - hardback - 2007
ISBN: 9081085824 / 9789081085823

The islands of MiYu lie in a giant circle and each has the shape of zodiacal sign. They shimmer with magic. Dragons devour rocks and lay shining jewels, ghost owls fly into your dreams to steal your most treasured memories. Opal and Tiger-eye have a problem. A dragon turned their greatest enemy into emerald statue and they are blamed.There is only one way to turn him back: find his own weight in emeralds. Sadly, all such precious jewels are already in use, as eye of a golden sea serpent for instance or as crown for the emperor of Scorpio...


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