Tais Teng

Thijs van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen - Dutch author - b.1952

Has been translated into English, French, Finnish & German.

English titleDutch titletranslatorpublishedformatpublisherISBN / BN ID / ASIN / url / ISSNco-author
Disslish the Aquamancer ( story in A Foreign Fanzine 5/6 then Terra SF II )Disslish de Aquamancer, een legenden van Cotrahvinevan Ewyck, Annemarie( 1981 ) 1982fanzineRoelof Goudriaannone
Green-Ache ( story in Amazing Stories, November 1989 ) 1989magazineTSR, Inc.none
Crowned by Lightening ( story in Albedo One, no.18 1988 ) Een kroon van bliksem 1998magazineAlbedo One Productions0791-8534
Expiating Ancestral Sins ( story in Albedo One, no.31 2006 ) 2006magazineAlbedo One Productions0791-8534
What Avails a Psalm in the Cinders of Gehenna? ( story in SF International 2 ) 1987magazineAndromeda Pressnone
A Girl Like Tiadi ( story in Pandora no.21 )Een meisje als Tiadi 1988magazineMeg MacDonaldnone
The Emerald BoyDe jongen van smaragdauthor( 2006 ) 2007h/bWinscott Corporation9081085824 / 9789081085823
Lovecraft, my loveLovecraft, mijn liefste 2012e-bookBabel S-F / Smashwords9781476015699, 2940033289684 & B008AZTVU2
The Grooverunner's Wife author2011e-bookBabel S-F / Smashwords9781466063303 & 2940032905974
Perigee Love author2011e-bookBabel S-F / Smashwords9781465787026 & 2940032961840
Palimpsest author2012e-bookBabel S-F / Smashwords9781476156774 & 294003328818
Embrace the Night pt.1 ( story on The Night Land 2011on-lineThe Night Land http://www.thenightland.co.uk/nightembrace.html
Embrace the Night pt.2( story on The Night Land 2011on-lineThe Night Land http://www.thenightland.co.uk/nightembrace2.html
The Cowboy Who Loved Lady Liberty ( story in Albedo One, no.47, 2016 )De Cowboy die Lady Liberty Beminde ( 2007 ) 2016magazineAlbedo One Productions0791-8534
Tideline Treasures, or Growing Up Along the Mile-High Dyke ( Future Science Fiction Digest 2 )De mijlhoge dijk / The Mile-High Dyke 2019tp/b / e-magazineUFO Publishing1090646909 / 9781090646903, 2940161232545, B08Z34X7VD & http://future-sf.com/issues/issue-2/ Jaap Boekestein
Any House in the Storm ( story in Crossed Genres, March 2015, Embrace the Night & Other Stories then European Science Fiction no.1 )Een huis in de stormauthor2015webzineCrossed Genres Publications http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/027-any-house-in-the-storm/

Green-Ache: http://taisteng.atspace.com/StoriesGREEN.html
Crowned by Lightening: http://taisteng.atspace.com/StoriesCROWNED.html/
Expiating Ancestral Sins: http://taisteng.atspace.com/StoriesEXPIATING.html/
The Grooverunner's Wife: https://www.smashwords.com/extreader/read/110600/1/the-grooverunners-wife
Palimpsest: https://www.smashwords.com/extreader/read/167626/1/palimpsest

author website: http://taisteng.atspace.com/


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