The Makropoulos Secret

The Makropoulos Secret

( Czech - Věc Makropulos - 1923 )

play by Karel Capek

translated by H. T. Parker

adapted by Randal C. Burrell ( for English language theatre )

Published: John W. Luce - hardback - 1925
ISBN: none

Branden Books - trade paperback - 1996
ISBN: 0828314470 / 9780828314473

contained in: Capek; Four Plays - R. U. R. / The Insect Play / Makropulos Case / The White Death ( translated by Cathy Porter and Peter Majer )
Methuen Drama - paperback - 2000
ISBN: 0413771903 / 9780413771902

The enigmatic femme fatale Emilia Marty turns the life of everyone she meets on its head. Čapek’s fantasy comedy with a mysterious, almost detective-story plot takes us into the world of opera divas, the world of the degenerated aristocracy and bourgeoisie. The secret of longevity will be buried for good. A central theme in this theater play is that of a youth elixir that provides eternal life. It turns out that, in the very long run, this is more a curse than a blessing.


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