Three Science Fiction Novellas

Three Science Fiction Novellas: From Prehistory to the End of Mankind ( Early Classics of Science Fiction series )

anthology by J. H. Rosny aîné ( J H Rosny )

translated and adapted by Daniele Chatelain & George Slusser

Published: Wesleyan University Press - hardback - 2012
ISBN: 0819569453 / 9780819569455

Wesleyan University Press - ebook - 2012
ISBN: 0819572306 / 9780819572301

The Xipehuz - novelette ( aka Les Xipehuz 1888 )
Another World - novelette ( aka Un Autre Monde 1895 )
The Death of the Earth - novella ( aka La Mort de la Terre 1910 )


The Xipehuz: primitive humans ( the story took place a thousand years before Babylonian times ) encounter inorganic aliens, with whom all forms of communication prove impossible. Men eventually drive away the invaders, but the hero mourns the loss of another life.

Another World: establishes that humans share the Earth with the land-bound Moedingen and the air-borne Vuren, two infinitely flat and invisible species who cohabit with us. Only a mutant whose vision is superior to that of ordinary men can see them.

The Death of the Earth: takes place in the far future, when Earth had all but dried out. In it, the last descendants of mankind become aware of the emergence of a new species, the metal-based "Ferromagnetals", fated to replace us.

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